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How to properly navigate accordion using keyboard according to WCAG recommendations.
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This article will guide you on how to use a keyboard to navigate accordion according to WCAG standards. I will show how to do that using keys: Tab, Shift + Tab, Enter, Space, Home, End, Up Arrow, Down Arrow.

What to do next with a popular website
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WordPress is a powerful technology, but even the most responsive and beautiful website is not enough. In this age of mobile accessibility, users want to access content through their smartphones and tablets. There are two ways to turn your site into an app. Which path should you take?

WordPress hosting
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Searching for Cloud Hosting Services can be a tedious job. There are heaps of hosting options all over the internet that cater to a variety of hosting needs. There is shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS, cloud and Managed Cloud Hosting.

6 reasons why your business needs a blog.
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While almost every brick-and-mortar business runs a website today, not all of them have a blog. Considering that a blog can benefit a site and the brand it represents in a lot of ways, not having one is a missed opportunity.

Start your WordPress developer career.
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With over 76 million users, WordPress is definitely the most popular CMS (Content Management System). The advantages of the system make it not only popular but also really demanded among businesses.

Coping with challenges in transfer of EML to Outlook.
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Nowadays, users have a wide array of clients that can handle their e-correspondence. If you attempt to export messages between programs, you are likely to hit a dead-end due to the difference in file extensions. Follow this guide to move EML files to Microsoft Outlook safely. Such a transformation can only be smooth when you are armed with special tools.

10 WordPress plugins to boost up your marketing in 2020.
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With 2020 just around the corner, many people are either considering starting new projects or creating strategic plans on how to improve their existing ones.

How to start a WordPress travel blog
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If you have a bunch of interesting travel stories, why not share them on a WordPress travel blog? There are many things you can get from sharing your journeys – inspire people, attract publishers, and monetize your blog to get more funds for your next adventure. 

Excited? Let’s learn how to start a WordPress travel blog.

Add a service section to your WordPress portfolio website.
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Its rightly said, " If you are good at something, never do it for free". Having a portfolio website of your own showcasing your greatest accomplishments can help you in getting more and more clients for the work you are good at.

Top 5 interesting ideas for web applications in 2020.
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Technology has become a very fundamental aspect of human life. People use it in their day-to-day activities and it seems they cannot live without it. They interact with their families and mates through mobile phones, social media chats and video calls. People also like to entertain themselves by watching the TV. All this is possible because of technology.

Services that will help your business grow faster.
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Operating a business in itself is a hard task. Managing to operate it and earn profits is beyond the capability of most people. Technology is changing the way businesses are operating. Companies that are not willing to change are paying a heavy price.

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Public web apps have always been of hackers’ interests. The information obtained can be used for different purposes. The owner’s identity is not significant since the hacking process is automated and put on stream. The cost of information is proportional to company popularity and influence.

Everything you want to know about how to keep your WordPress website secure!
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Do you know that WordPress accounted for over 90% of all hacked CMS websites in the year 2018?

Use SSL Certificate
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Digital technology has changed the way everything is done. From shopping to banking and even taking a professional course, you can use the internet for many things. However, it is without a doubt that the same web is a dangerous place, especially if you encounter hackers. For that reason, genuine websites are using SSL certificates to provide safety for their visitors.

Why a VPN is Essential for WordPress Digital Nomads
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Living freely as a WordPress digital nomad is a way to enjoy financial freedom and flexibility each day. When you choose to live your life as a digital nomad, it is important to invest in a VPN that is sure to protect you wherever you travel.


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