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WordPress support guaranteed

Excellent WordPress themes support guaranteed! Thank you for all "thanks"!

We are happy to share with you several examples of satisfied customers that got help from our WordPress support team. Providing the effective support is a key in our opinion, and our customers get it.  Each "thank you" after completing the ticket is a reward, and we also thank you for being with us!

Are you sometimes lost while building a website?

It must be frustrating searching and digging the Internet for some help without results. Yes, we understand this feeling but customers who are not technical or
are not advanced web developers may feel like that each time they can't find the solution.

The best value in this situation is the possibility to ask for help someone experienced. And get help.

This is what is included in the prices of our products. Very helpful support. Solving technical problems and answering technical questions is a part of our work. You may feel secure and build Your website under best technical support and no stress.

Buy complex and quality solutions for Your website with the best support ever, You ask - we answer with pleasure! :)

Customer support satisfaction rating

you made my day

The one message we've recently received is a special one from the customer from Poland. The message has been translated into English but below take a look at the original message in Polish. 

Hello PixelEmu Management

I have just completed the implementation of the website project for a specified association (Polish school created with school WordPress theme), and I am currently summarizing the implementation, etc. I would like to share my opinion about the cooperation with your company and especially the support department and to be more precise, with Artur Kaczmarek.

The project was implemented for a long time (it's nonprofit project and built after my standard working hours) and it was a rather demanding project in terms of some features of the website. It was implemented on a volunteer basis from my side. I need to add that I am not a coder so I am a very challenging and demanding customer. I have a significant experience working with many different IT support departments, (not only about CMS templates) and I can easily compare the quality of support.

Thanks to the fact that cooperation with Artur was fantastic*, I managed to achieve (not only in my opinion) the super-project of the accessible website (WCAG ready, UX), responsive, bilingual and still light-weight. Fantastic* means that answers were usually up to 24 hours and often on the same day. Answers were precise and most importantly solving the problem. The reactions proposed by Artur had always grounds - which is not so obvious (sometimes the other support departments carry out activities aimed at fatigue the client in the search for a patch to the application they "help" :)

I've also tested third-party WordPress themes based on the same Redux framework and had the same problem (custom wp-content folder, $ options variable ['sourceMapBasepath'])
In one of the companies, they sent me off after a long many days correspondences. They also told me to contact the framework provider - it is commonly known that it is not possible for the final client. Despite the fact, I was able to get information that the problem should be resolved by the theme provider = vicious circle :)

The correspondence with Artur gave me a ready solution after a few hours!!! In my opinion, Artur is a very competent specialist.

artur kaczmarek

Another important thing for me as a customer is a theme features and code quality. I'm not a coder, but it matters a lot to me - clear code without overloading or overriding CSS styles which are done very bad in other WordPress themes providers. In yours, the code looks like a charm :)

Summing up, I'm a satisfied customer thanks to choosing your product and Artur's support. Keep doing the great work!

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This is the original message:

Excellent WordPress themes support

Several other "thanks" from our customers

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Satisfaction guaranteed

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