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Top 5 Web Development Trends in 2022

As more and more websites continue to overwhelm servers across the globe, it all points to one fact: every serious business out there wants a virtual landing page. These server challenges place a huge demand on web developers to up their games and become more innovative.

Trends are springing up now and then to address the teeming challenge of hosting websites, improving their speeds, streamlining their functions, and generally overhauling their performance. Over the years, trends have dominated the tech industry. From cloud options going popular to AI spreading like wildfire, it's a world of endless possibilities.

In this article, we highlight the top 5 web development trends in 2022 that are expected to be rooted across the tech industry.

Streamlined voice search on Google

To make searching easier, voice search was introduced by Google in 2011 and it was met with critical mass reception. It’s super effective, stress-free, and consumes less time compared to typing.

You can simply say the words rather than write them out, and Google will obey the command by supplying the results pronto. In the course of this frontier implementation, intelligent virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri have been deployed to champion this new course in so many areas.

The trend is still reigning but expected to reign supreme in 2022 as more developers away from Google are adopting it in building highly efficient websites. They are being used in smart homes as part of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Moreover, the trend is being implemented on smartphones and other smart devices which makes it trendier. It’s set to sweep across every industry anchored on web development in 2022.

Serverless architecture

With physical servers getting worked up all day hosting thousands of web pages, the need for cloud-based servers has never been this urgent.

Over the years, developers have dug deep into the possibility of running codes for just any kind of application without the need for servers to house them. And it worked perfectly, so expect them to go pervasive in 2022 since it minimizes the cost of maintaining servers round the clock, eliminates data loss, and leaves little room for server breakdowns.

It also curtails most of the challenges experienced with physical servers and makes the whole process of running websites seamless. These servers run without any form of administration and some tech giants like Microsoft and Amazon are already providing them as services to clients.

In the coming years, we expect servers to dissipate into irrelevance and fizzle out like they were never in existence while paving way for the clouds to reign.

PWA and AMP implementation on apps

PWA stands for Progressive Web Applications and AMP for Accelerated Mobile Pages. Both terms have increasingly grown popular over the last few years because they cause web pages to load with lightning speeds and enhance overall UX/UI experiences for both mobile and desktop users. Web developers are adapting them to redefine user experiences in a handful of awesome ways. Many Houston app developers excel at creating mobile and web-based applications that are lightweight and fast-loading, geared towards a user-friendly experience.

This trend is implemented more on mobile devices where pages are resized to comfortably blend with the screen size of mobile phones and improve the UI layout.

The highlight of this trend is in the fact that the speed is not compromised for optimal compatibility with mobile devices. Web pages will load with similar speed as experienced in desktop variants. And since mobile web users will trump desktop users any day in numbers, improving their overall mobile web experience is essential, so this trend will go off the charts in 2022.

Single page applications

The Single Page Application (SPA) trend works on the principle of KISS (Keep It Short and Simple). It's a huge step further in making websites more enjoyable and navigable for users. Simply put; a greater step in redefining the user experience.

With the one-page application trend gaining a foothold in the industry, you'll find more websites with all information about a particular thing housed on a single page. This makes it easier for users to navigate and find all the information they seek on one page easily and in less time.

As online shopping rose to a crescendo in the height of the pandemic, this trend rose to vast prominence. It was necessary to streamline the way online shoppers find items at virtual stores. The influx of people in online stores forced the hands of reluctant traditional online store owners to adopt this system and drive massive sales.

The news industry wasn't left out of this trend. They seized it to create and distinguish different kinds of content into separate fields for easy reading.

Artificial Intelligence and chatbots

Once a futuristic term, Artificial Intelligence is gradually becoming a household tech term. Through its unique and potent resources, chatbots or virtual assistants can be created to interact with just anyone with well-detailed programming.

This facilitates communication between businesses and their teeming clients that run to them for support 24/7. The bot replaces human customer care representatives and assists customers on the site to find things easily, answer their questions, and help them with many other minor challenges. This is cost-effective, result-driven, and super-efficient as the bots won't need to take breaks as humans would do.

Besides, this technology is very popular, as it is implemented in the majority of today’s business-critical solutions like a customer management system, collaboration platform, a corporate communication tool, virtual data rooms, and general customer support of most online apps.

In 2022, there will be even more businesses that will deploy AI chatbots to handle most of their client’s needs and leave the rest of the staff to handle critical support matters.


The year 2022 will witness a lot of new trends in web development. The trends developed two years ago or one-year prior will thrive now like never before due to the high level of implementation they will receive by businesses. The reason is simple: every innovative or major frontier in the world of technology is designed to make life easier with software and hardware usage.

If some businesses were dragging their feet about implementing them, the benefits dangling in their faces will force their hands to hop onto the bandwagon. From Artificial Intelligence chatbots to user experience improvement and serverless web hosting, trends in web development in 2022 will reign supreme.

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