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How to put FAQ into tabs?


I'm trying to get the FAQ page to display in PE panel widget for School WordPress theme. If I access the FAQ page on the dashboard the template selection shows as FAQ page which should be correct and I have the template FAQs set up already so I’m not sure what the issue is. PE Panels widget displays no content.


At first, you need to learn how the FAQ template and PE Panels display content

FAQ page uses FAQ template to displays items from the FAQ section, see the image below: 

faq template wordpress theme

How to set the FAQ template?

If you want to set one of the pages to display questions in the accordion-style you need to create a page (or edit an already created one) and set the template FAQ Page in Page Attributes settings. Then the page will display all items created in the FAQ section - FAQ items:

faq items wordpress theme

On the other hand, PE Panels is a plugin that displays the content of posts or pages. So in short, it displays the content you enter in the editor:

pe panels display content wordpress theme


This means that if you add a FAQ page to display in PE Panels this will not result in displaying FAQ items because PE Panels will try to display FAQ page content which is actually empty.

So if you want to display FAQ questions in the PE Panels you need to put the questions into the page content. We recommend using a simple way for this purpose which is accordion shortcode  - check here the shortcode example of for ACCORDION section.

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