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Create a successful site with WordPress elite beauty salon theme! Take a look at short presentation of the most important theme parts.

Create a successful site with WordPress elite beauty salon theme! Take a look at short presentation of the most important theme parts.

You simply must have an elegant site design if your company provides services of beauty! The most modern website design you buy the more customers will buy your service. Take it into account while looking for the beauty salon theme for WordPress site. Now take a closer loot at PE Beauty Center features and discover how quickly you may create a successful site for your beauty salon.

Home slider views

Do you like full browser width sliders or content boxed ones? Choose the one you like best. Both slider views are created with Revolution Slider that you will get for free with this theme :)

home versions

Services Prenstation

Discover a simple way to make a gorgeous presentation of services that your beauty salon provides. There is a possibility to create as many categories as you wish - it depends on the scope of your company work. If you have a small beauty company think how many different values you offer and simply list them all to one category only.

There are many possibilities for displaying items since you may set the number of displayed services, images position and it's size. It gives you many layout combinations that you may get by mixing those simple settings. On the theme demo we've displayed 4 examples of services views with different description position and thumbnails layout. Which one you like best? 
Note that depending on your theme configuration there are many more possibilities you may achieve.

Watch the short video about the services submission simplicity.

Team members

It's very reccomended now to show the professional workers of a company on your own website. This way you may introduce your workers to your customers and leave an impression that they know each other when they meet for the first time! At the front page we've displayed team memebrs with their names, profession and short description as a carousel slider.
The second view is a images grid - here you may see just one row of the large images, also interesting view, huh?
After clicking on the worker name the full description will be loaed including mail address, phone number or social media links, all details are optional of course.

team members
Fully widgetized

Each site part you see on the demo is a widget, it means that you may modify the theme layout as you need by changing widget options. Most of widgets are custom while other ones uses useful shortodes.

Theme settings

Need to chnage the theme color, fonts, layout or post and pages details? Or maybe place a custom code or script? Discover how many settings ou may configure with this theme. There is no sense to write here about them, check the documentation for this section.

advanced settings

Fast loading and seo friendly.

It do not have to be explained why it is so important to select fast loading WordPress theme! This light and mobile friendly WordPress theme:

How to speed up WordPress site - htaccess optimization, part 1.

How to speed up WordPress site - images optimization, part 2.

See theme details

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