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How to add social icons in WordPress theme?

How to add social media icons in WordPress theme?

The new video tutorial appeared in which we guide how to use pe social ready made widget to add unlimited social media icons to a WordPress theme. Using this simple widget you may add any social icon from Font Awesome Icons links and link it with your social profile. This easy way you may create as many links as you need

This is a transcription from the video tutorial:

Hi, I will show you how to manage this PE Social ready-made widget on your site. How to add new social icons on WordPress site or remove the once you see now.

Go to the Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets". The ready-made widget is published on the footer position on this business WordPress theme. Go to the footer position, open "PE Social" and edit the widget.

how to add more social icons to wordpress theme

Here we see three social icons, that we've got on the front page of this WordPress theme: Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

social icons wordpress theme

You may edit each social icon or remove it. You may add unlimited items on your site if you need. Let’s add the new social icon item to the WordPress theme. I forgot to say that all those items use the Font Awesome icons that you may check on the Font Awesome site.

add new social icon to wordpress theme

Let’s add a new one. For example, let's choose "Skype" and copy it to the "icon field".

Copy the skype font awesome class to the "icon field". This is the "Skype" class that you need to paste in this input. And here set the URL of your profile.

skype icon wordpress theme

We need to save the item and save the whole widget to see the results on the site.

add new social icon 2

add new social icon 3

Go on the site. Refresh. And now we got the fourth item - "Skype".

add new social icon 4

It’s a very simple widget and you may use it at each theme available layout position - not at the footer only. At this business theme, this widget is placed at the footer position. Let's do an example and move the widget above the contact widget. Contact widget is placed at Bottom5 position. 

contact business theme

Let's move our PE Social above PE Contact widget and see what changed. Our widget is hidden here because there is a special class for use that centered our widget. So let’s remove it.

add new social icon 5

Add title - Social Icons and save the widget. 

Let’s change the style of the title, to be the same like contact. I need to edit contact widget and look for custom widget class.

add new social icon 6

Copy and use the same one in PE Social. Save. Check results. Now it looks better.

contact business theme 2

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