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Why a VPN is Essential for WordPress Digital Nomads

Why a VPN is essential for WordPress digital nomads?

Living freely as a WordPress digital nomad is a way to enjoy financial freedom and flexibility each day. When you choose to live your life as a digital nomad, it is important to invest in a VPN that is sure to protect you wherever you travel.

What is WordPress digital nomad?

A WordPress digital nomad is an individual who chooses to work remotely on a variety of tasks, namely involving or surrounding WordPress. WordPress is one of the most popular and free CMS, or content management systems available for web developers, designers, and online marketers today.

Living as a WordPress digital nomad provides you with the opportunity to take on new clients from any location, as digital nomads word remotely wherever there is an available wireless internet connection or hotspot.  

As a WordPress digital nomad, set your schedule and choose who you want to work with as you travel around the country or even around the entire world. Before transitioning from a standard 9-5 job into a full-time digital nomad, it is imperative to protect yourself anytime you are online with the use of a VPN.

What is a VPN?

What is VPN

A VPN, also known as a Virtual Private Network, is a tool used by individuals who want to browse the internet with complete privacy, security, and anonymity. VPNs provide numerous benefits for anyone who is interested in adding another layer of protection to their personal and sensitive information, especially when browsing online.

VPN services are extremely affordable and range anywhere from just under $3 a month to $10 a month, depending on the level of security you are interested in obtaining for yourself. As a digital WordPress nomad, it is highly advisable to invest in a well-known, reputable, and trustworthy VPN provider for your internet access needs.

Choosing the right VPN for you greatly depends on your browsing habits and the level of protection and security you need. Take the time to compare and review top VPN services before choosing a VPN that is optimal for the digital nomad lifestyle you intend to lead.

Increased security

A VPN is one of the best ways to increase security while browsing online, chatting with friends, or even shopping from home. Whenever you are online and connected to a public WiFi connection, you are putting yourself at risk, especially if you are surrounded by a hacker, spy, or thief.

With the rise of online identity theft, phishing attempts, and data breaches, it is more important than ever to protect yourself online, especially if you travel frequently. Digital nomads need a VPN to ensure their protection and safety as they travel, obtain new clients, and earn a living independently outside of a traditional 9-5 job.

Connecting to a public WiFi spot immediately causes you to be vulnerable, especially if you enter in your email address, password, or other personal information that can identify you to potential hackers and thieves in the area. With a VPN, always connect securely while encrypting your data, preventing others from identifying you or gaining access to your hard drive and current browsing details.

Travel anywhere anonymously

A VPN is optimal if you wish to travel the world anonymously without constantly being tracked and monitored by marketing campaigns and corporations. Any time you connect to a public wireless internet address, you immediately begin sharing your real IP address as well as potentially sensitive information with those who are keen enough to access it. Having a VPN available is a way to spoof your location, allowing you to choose where you are located in the world each time you get online.

Spoofing your address is not only beneficial to keep your location hidden and secret from potential thieves and hackers, but it is also a way for you to ensure you can still log in to your favorite websites. Major websites or social networks may trigger an alert if you are traveling and attempting to access your accounts, which is why using a VPN can help to save time wherever you are in the world.

Complete transactions with ease

Shopping online does not have to feel scary or daunting, especially with a reliable VPN. Using your VPN adds an additional layer of security to your browser experience while encrypting all data that is sent and received while you are online. Whenever you are shopping for products or services, your data and personal information are hidden and encrypted, keeping even your ISP from reviewing your browsing or shopping habits.

Access entertainment without the hassle

VPNs come in handy for those who live in countries or regions that block entire websites or streaming services. Depending on where you live and travel to as a digital nomad, you may not have the ability to access your favorite websites or content online.

Once you have a VPN, you can easily bypass any restrictions based on your current location by redirecting your IP address and spoofing your location to a region that currently has access to the content. Bypassing filters and blocks may be necessary if you are living full-time as a WordPress digital nomad and taking on clients from various regions around the globe.

Work with clients from around the world

Digital WordPress nomads are not known for staying in one place for too long. As a digital nomad, you have the opportunity to work remotely from just about anywhere, as long as you have a connection to the internet. Whether you prefer to work with international clients out of London or if you are seeking opportunities to travel to India, Australia, and even Japan, working as a WordPress digital nomad opens up an entirely new world of opportunities.

Once you have a VPN that you trust and can rely on, moving around the world, relocating, and working with clients from anywhere is possible as a WordPress digital nomad.

While living life as a WordPress digital nomad is a way to break free from traditional 9-5 jobs, it does require an understanding of the clients you want to reach, marketing, and internet security. With the right VPN, browse the internet, check your social media pages, make purchases, and connect with clients without the fear of risking your personal information and all that you have built for yourself with the nomad lifestyle.

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