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WCAG 2.0 compliant website for small business

Build a successful website for a small business with WCAG 2.1 compliance with WordPress theme.

Running a business without having a web presence does not lead to success. Consumers are looking on the internet for everything from product information to contact details and operating hours.The website can serve as an extension of your business card, with information about you, your business, and services offered. Having a well-designed but straightforward website with the additional feature of WCAG 2.0 compliance can give you an advantage in your field and a chance to expand your business cheaply and quickly.

Website design software evolves, so it's easier to adapt than before. It does not require programming skills or advanced knowledge to launch a functional and successful WCAG compliant website. There are only several rules to follow. If you do this and you have enough of determination, you have a good chance of achieving your goals. Creating a website for your small business that meets WCAG 2.0 accessibility levels can be easier than you think.

Choose the right WCAG WordPress theme

Searching WordPress as your website’s platform, you can choose from hundreds of different WCAG WordPress theme crafted by PixelEmu team - the pioneer in creating WCAG WordPress themes, that for sure will give your site everything you want. Pick out the versatile WordPress WCAG 2.0 theme for small business and show your business company's face in a modern, elegant and unique style.

Why do we recommend it?

What should be the main features of the accessible website?

Either that is an excellent choice for business it’s an accessibility-ready as well. Because it’s not always simple to create an accessible web design, using a ready-made solution should make things much easier. WordPress WCAG themes show a great potential on the issue of an option for small businesses, agencies, corporations, and everyone who is looking to expand a business.

Just take a look at the demo sites of the following WCAG 2.0 themes, all of them are WCAG (Section508) compatible. We encourage you to follow WCAG demo version for testing. What’s more? This theme was tested with favorite web accessibility checkers like & and also with WP Accessibility plugin.

Benefits of making your website accessible, WCAG 2.0 compatible

Not every business site owner takes care of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0). That is possible to change soon. Many public organizations and business websites around the World have been targeted for failing to follow these WCAG 2.0 standards and their need to consider the quick website update. If your country currently does not have any regulation related to these guidelines, it does not mean that this will not happen in the close future. If you run a business website already, we recommend to check out what kind of changes are expected, and if you want to launch a new website, take that into account - better to do something now than have a problem later.

Even if it is not required by law to make your site accessible, you should consider adding WCAG options and be prepared for any future laws changes.

Benefits of making your website accessible, WCAG 2.0 compatible

Most businesses haven't thought about the accessibility but having an accessible website can help your company’s reputation. You can stand out and show your morality and social solidarity with people with disabilities. It’s also a great way to increase the number of site’s visitors and provide better financial benefits. Prevalent opinion is that if your website doesn't comply with the WCAG standards, you lose about 20% of your potential customers.

Another advantage of the accessible site is that search engines like accessibility-ready sites more than others. It happens because of coding rules that must be kept, for example, they see the content of your images (alt text for images). You should know that web accessibility does not concern people with disabilities only but also helps mobile users, older users, users prone to epileptic seizures, and much more.

How to start building a website for a small business with WCAG compliance?

The first step in creating a website quickly and effectively is to determine the primary purpose of your website. A business website is some space to provide general information about your business. Website’s visitors should know that your company can do what they need. If you want it to provide information and entice potential clients to call you, just have this in mind. A website without a clear purpose won’t bring any benefits. Also, make sure that the relevant points about your company and its offer are apparent and easy to find.

If you are not a programmer and you do not have any experience with creating the website from scratch then choose a content management system platform is the optimal solution for you. I think WordPress should be your first choice for publishing your website.  WordPress comes with everything you need to post your content. It offers a wide range of plugins that add to your website extended functionalities - that concerns social media, image galleries, videos, newsletters, and much more. It also includes several default themes, but it’s better to find and use one of many commercial WordPress themes available on the market but if you have in mind including to your website WCAG 2.0 features then choose WCAG 2.0 ready WordPress theme that is already accessibility-ready.


Meeting accessibility guidelines does not guarantee you won’t face any changes and new requirements again, but it ensures that you are “up to date”. Do not hesitate to use the services of the responsive business theme for WordPress, you will meet the required standards and create the best accessibility-ready firm web page. As discussed above, there is a bunch of strong reasons to do so. 

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