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Hire WCAG compliance expert

Are you looking for WCAG experts? Do you need to develop your website to make it WCAG 2.1 compliant? You jumped in the right place because we are a team of experienced web developers who know how to get website accessibility according to WCAG 2.1 compliance guidelines including ADA & Section 508.

Order web accessibility audit

Don't know how to start? If you want to make your existing website WCAG 2.1 compliant, we encourage you to start with the WCAG 2.1 accessibility audit to get the full report about your website assessment according to your WCAG 2.1 / ADA requirements.

Make your website WCAG 2.1 / ADA compliant

Don't you know what your requirements? Customers often know what results they need to achieve on their websites. For example, they're looking for web accessibility specialist to fix all WCAG violations and get WCAG 2.1 level AA. As proof, they need the full report with the specific web accessibility checker. If you do not have any enforced rules that should be met just know that you need "ADA compliant website" we encourage you to start with the basic steps you may see below.

Do you want to build WCAG compliant website from scratch?We also have a solution for you. Besides providing web accessibility related services, we are also authors of WordPress WCAG themes. Choosing a ready-made WCAG 2.1 WordPress theme can be an excellent takeoff for customers who are building their new website.

Need a recommendation of our experience?  I think the best recommendation of our experience you will find reading this interview of our team conducted by the author of the book "How to Meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1".  We worked on the author website WCAG compliance. Read the interview here.

Start with the very basic accessibility features

Font size switcher
Font size switcher
The font size switcher allows increasing the font size on a web page by 130%. This feature provides better readability to people with mild visual disabilities without the need to use additional tools such as screen magnifier.
Page width switcher
Page width switcher
The switcher allows setting a fixed or full width of a web page. Thanks to this, people can adjust the width of the page to achieve optimal comfort to view and read the text.
High contrast modes
High contrast modes
There are 3 high contrast modes available: black/white, black/yellow, yellow/black. This option is especially important for people with low vision or other visual disabilities.
Night mode
Night mode
Night mode allows adjusting the brightness of the page so that reading a text does not cause eye fatigue especially in dark rooms or after dark.

The basic WCAG requirements to start with

Web Accessibility Specialist  keyboard navigation wcag

The keyboard navigation

All content of the website can be operated using the keyboard only. People who can not use the mouse or use devices that emulate the keyboard are able to navigate through a web page.

Make Existing website WCAG 2.0 Compliant skip menu wcag

Skip menu for direct access to content

Using the skip menu, people with some disabilities can reach the main content of a web page quickly and easily. The menu is a shortcut so people who use the keyboard only can reach content with fewer keystrokes. Another advantage concerns screen reader users because they can avoid having to hear all links and headings before the main content.

ADA compliant website - WCAG 2.0 the visibbility wcag

The visibility of the selected element

People who use the keyboard to operate a web page can check which element has the keyboard focus. This option is especially important for people with attention limitations or short term memory limitations.

change heading wcag

Organizing a page with headings

Headings describes and organizes all the content on the page. It is important that all sections on a web page have headings that identify them. Pages should be structured in a hierarchical manner, from heading 1 which is the most important for each page, then heading 2, and so on. This structure of content makes it easier to navigate the page, especially when using screen readers.

WCAG Experts Understandable links wcag

Understandable links

The description of the links should clearly indicate what they refer to. It helps to navigate a website using the screen readers because this way the website visitor know what content will be displayed exactly once he clicks on a link.

wcag 2.0 audit Avoidance of animated elements wcag

Avoidance of animated elements

Using only static images and avoiding animated effects is especially important for people suffering from epilepsy. Moreover, it may be difficult to understand the sliding content for people with visual disabilities.

Get a full report from WAVE web accessibility evaluation tool

the most popular WCAG checker

WCAG report
Get WCAG report for errors, alerts, features, structural elements, HTML5 and ARIA and contrast.
WCAG AA, WCAG A levels
Get a report for WCAG AA, WCAG A levels and Section 508.
Adjust contrast
Contrast WCAG tool gives you the possibility to adjust foreground and background colors to pass accessibility levels.

Get a full report from AChecker web accessibility tool

the another popular WCAG checker

AChecker report
AChecker makes the accessibility review providing WCAG problems and gives the detailed description for each found WCAG issue suggesting the fix for the bug.

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