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TerraClassifieds classifieds WordPress plugin, easy and user-friendly ads posting, simple classifieds solution for WordPress.

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  • up to WordPress 5.7
Version2.0.3 changelog
Last Update27th April 2021
DocumentationGetting started with TerraClassifieds
Responsive plugin
  • supports mobile devices

TerraClassifieds TCF 2.1 Alpha with monetizing options ready for testing  - click here for more information.

TerraClassifieds Pages

Add advert on the frontend
User-friendly, clean and simple form for adding adverts from the frontend. Customers need to be logged in to add an ad. The available fields to fill in:
  • Title
  • Description
  • Category
  • Advert type
  • Selling types
  • Gallery
  • Location
See all adding advert settings
User registration
Registration page view can be chosen from the two following options:
  • Automatically generated password
  • Let user choose password during registration
Also, there is a possibility to set GDPR method, the extended option related to GDPR plugin usage, the simple one is built-in with terms and conditions, policy privacy and agreement information fields to set. See my registration view and settings
Edit ad
Once the customer added the ad and it was approved by the website administrator then the customer may edit and modify his advert before it expires. See edit ad view
Edit user profile
After the simple registering process the user may edit his profile and change or fill in additional fields like first and last name, phone, avatar, short description or website URL. See edit profile view
My submissions
On this page, the customer may check his adverts info like expiration date, the advert status and action buttons like remove, edit, archive and renew for an expired advert. See my submissions view
Login & forgot password
Login page includes the simple login form - you don’t need to log in from the backend. Forgot password page can rescue your password using your username or email address.
Favorite ads
Once favorite adverts option enabled the user may mark items as his favorite and display his all favorite adverts by clicking on the link from the user menu. See all favorite ads view

TerraClassifieds Views

Category view
On the classifieds category view, the plugin displays listings from the selected category with:
  • advert image
  • advert title
  • short description
  • price
  • ad type
  • advertiser name and time when the advert was published
Besides the classified ads, you may display the category details set up in the category settings.
Advert page
The advert page displays the ad image with the title and full description as well as additional images if any uploaded. Moreover, you will see:
  • date of the ad submission
  • price
  • ad type
  • simple contact form that buyer may use to contact the seller
  • advertiser details with the website (optional)
  • avatar and name linking to all his all submitted ads
There's also the “report abuse” form for informing the website administrator any violations.
Author view
Once you click on the advertiser name (visible on the ad page) you will get all submitted ads by this advertiser as well as detailed information about an ad's author.

TerraClassifieds Settings

Category view
  • Show category on the archive page with name, description, image, subcategories
  • Number of items per page
  • Text limit (number of words) for item description
  • Add to favourites
  • Displaying search form with inputs combinations and setting its sizes for different devices
See all category view settings
Adding advert
  • Number of images limit (max. 8)
  • Title characters limit (0 for unlimited)
  • Description characters limit (0 for unlimited)
  • The number of columns for subcategories list
  • The number of days after which the ads will be expired
  • The number of days before sending a notification to classified's author
  • Required images for a new advert (yes/no)
  • Required location for a new advert (yes/no)
  • Required ad type for a new advert (yes/no)
See all adding advert settings
Image processing
You may set images dimentions for:
  • Image sizes for classifieds archive view
  • Image sizes for single post view
See all image processing settings
  • Layout: default or override from theme
  • CSS Style: default or override from theme
See all style settings
Email templates
  • Registration - administrator notification
  • Registration - user notification
  • New advert - administrator notification
  • New advert - user notification
  • Contact form - user notification
  • Abuse form - user notification
  • Change status - user notification
  • Expiration - user notification
See all email templates settings
Password for registration
  • Automatically generated password
  • Let the user choose a password during registration
  • GDPR method extended
  • GDPR method simple
See all security settings
Advert view
Add to favourites
Option to enable locations on a website as well as other related settings. See all locations settings
  • Options to manage slugs and pages
  • Meta description text limit
  • Possibility to choose an action for expired ads
See all SEO settings
  • Currency and price settings
  • Hits
  • Date order
See all general settings
Status and documentation
  • TerraClassifieds version
  • Documentation and tutorials
  • Report a bug & get help or have an idea?
  • TerraClassifieds changelog
  • Download TerraClassifieds
Ads types
Possibility to use ads types. See all ads types settings

TerraClassifieds Built In Widgets

An account menu
This is an account menu for classifieds website. Possibility to display “Add new advert”, user adverts, edit profile, favorite adverts and log out. Clicking on My account redirects to “Log in” page.
Latest ads
Latest ads widget for displaying the latest ads submitted on your website. You may set the number of visible ads, limit the short description, choose the image thumbnail size, set the number of columns for items, show price, and ads types.
Classifieds search
Search adverts widget that besides the standard search input may display selector with categories, locations, and ads types. For categories, you may restrict the category list view to display the parent category level only. For locations you may choose the field type (selector/input). For all fields you may set its size for different devices.
Classifieds categories
Adverts category widget. Possibility to display categories in the vertical or horizontal layout. You may also set a number of columns for vertical layout. Other available settings are subcategory depth, ads counter in the category, display subcategories as nested lists, show category icons or empty categories.

WordPress classifieds theme for TerraClassifieds

Browse the demo site of TerraClassic classifieds theme for WordPress. This is the first theme we've build for TerraClassifieds plugin.
We recommend installing the free classifieds WordPress theme demo site for testing.
TerraClassifieds is the alpha 1.0 version. We did much work and want to develop TerraClassifieds classifieds plugin for WordPress to make it the best one! We will be happy if you send us any feedback to help us improve TerraClassifieds.

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