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WordPress plugin for displaying posts, WCAG 2.0 and Section 508 compliant

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The simple plugin that allows you to display image slides with title, description and read more linked to posts from the selected category. The slide title and description appear with slide-in animation effect.

The user may select the category or display items of all categories.
The number of slides is unlimited and you may specify how many slides you want to be visible in a column.

Image sizes available to select from the list are determined by Media Settings of Wordpress. This way the plugin does not have to scale images by itself which is the more site optimization friendly solution. See the example of using this plugin on PE Internet theme.

It's WCAG 2.0 / Section 508 compliant WordPress plugin for displaying recent posts.

  • up to WordPress 5.6
Version1.2 changelog
Last Update26th May 2020
WCAG compliance
  • follows WCAG requirements, keyboard navigation support
Responsive plugin
  • supports mobile devices


pe recent posts options

Short description:

  1. Widget title.
  2. Post type – enter post type name you want to display posts from.
  3. Post type taxonomy – enter post type taxonomy name to restrict the data to display.
  4. Taxonomy – select taxonomy items. You may select specified categories or display items from all categories. Empty taxonomy is not displayed.
  5. Show archive links below items to give a possibility to read more posts from selected categories.
  6. Force display sticky posts – applies to post type only, select if you want to include a sticky post to slides.
  7. Number of items in a row.
  8. Number of rows.
  9. Make one row for a mobile devices (< 768px)
  10. Number of all items – total number of slides.
  11. Show or hide post titles.
  12. Make post title linkable.
  13. Choose header tag for titles.
  14. Creation date – show/hide post creation date, the date format is taken from global settings, display date above or below the title.
  15. Show or hide the author’s name.
  16. Show or hide post taxonomy items (a category name)
  17. Readmore – show/hide read more link.
  18. Order direction (ascending, descending).
  19. Ordering type (date, title, most commented, most read).
  20. Navigation (bullets, none).
  21. Description limit – enter number of chars for each slide description.
  22. Image alignment (left, right, top, bottom).
  23. Show/hide thumbnail.
  24. Thumbnail linkable – link the image to the full post
  25. Interval in milliseconds for a sliding.
  26. Enable or disable pause on hover.
  27. Image size from WordPress settings (Settings > Media). You can choose: thumbnail, medium, large
  28. Grid spacing – space between items.


  1. Upload the 'pe-recent-posts' folder to the '/wp-content/plugins/' directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
  3. Navigate to the 'Widgets' page found under the 'Appearance' menu item
  4. Drag 'PE Recent Posts' to the target widget area and choose your options

Layout Examples

Images aligned on top, read more, description and title

items with date

3 thumbnails in column aligned left

recent posts thumbnail for wordpress

2 large images in column aligned at top

recent posts large for wordpress

2 images per row, image alinged left, no read more

recent posts 2 items

3 images in row, no description

recent posts 3 items

no images, latest posts from selected category

recent posts 4 items

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well done

спасибо приятель!!


Great plugin, so fast and easy !

I was installing quickstart package but it is stuck on installing sample data
Please guide what can be the problem


thank you for the widget, it's good


Thx for such a great simple widget, I was looking for it!


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