Since it's strongly recommended to update themes/templates and extensions we got the profitable offer for our customers. 7 days before the subscription expiration the customer gets a message from PixelEmu with the info about the subscription renewal possibility with 50% discount! 

After the subscription expiration the customer may still renew it but with the lower 30% discount.

After purchasing the product the customer may download all packages within the download access duration we offer. 
The duration depends on the plan you choosed:

  • single license - 6 months subscription for a prodcuct
  • bundle pack - 12 months subscription for products included to the bundle

A customer has access to download area of all packages we deliver as well as updates released during valid license time. 

Description of the download area

Moreover, the customer gets free help during valid subscription time.
After the subscription expiration, the account to download area is blocked but the user may still use the product.

How to proceed?

  1. Login to your account and go My Account ->  Subscriptions to check a list of purchased items.
  2. Then click RENEW ITEM SUBSCRIPTION (1) button.
  3. You'll be redirected to the cart where the renewal discount for the subscription is applied.

subscription renewal

 The example above applies for renewal process:

  • 50% discount - you will get 1 week before the subscription expiration
  • 30% discount - you will get after the subscription expiration


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