TerraClassifieds WordPress classifieds plugin updated to ver. 1.9. Check what changed.
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TerraClassifieds ver. 1.9 is ready to download. Most of all it includes bug fixes and few new little features that you will find helpful for sure. Thank you all TerraClassifieds users for a kind reporting of all suggestions or bugs. It's a pleasure to implement them for you. There is also an update for the TerraClassic theme for Terraclassifieds available.

Eco Energy - the new WordPress theme is ready to download. Meet the hot new release!
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We are happy to announce that the new WordPress theme just has been released and it's awesome!

PE Panels and PE Recent Posts plugins accessibility improved for keyboard interaction.
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We are happy to announce that PE Recent - recent posts WordPress plugin and PE Panels - tabs and accordion WordPress plugin just have been updated and brings several important fixes and improvements.

What to do next with a popular website
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WordPress is a powerful technology, but even the most responsive and beautiful website is not enough. In this age of mobile accessibility, users want to access content through their smartphones and tablets. There are two ways to turn your site into an app. Which path should you take?

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We wish all our customers, a very peaceful and happy Easter, many sunny days this coming Spring and all the best! Take advantage of the 30% discount on WCAG and ADA WordPress themes.

Eco Energy WordPress theme is coming soon
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I'm happy to announce that the new WordPress theme is over the corner. We started working on coding a new WordPress theme that is called Eco Energy.

TerraClassic WordPress theme updated to ver. 1.06.
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We are happy to announce that we have updated PE Terraclassic Wordpress theme to version 1.06. You will find a few new features and bug fixes.

TerraClassifieds WordPress classifieds plugin updated to ver. 1.8.
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We are happy to announce that we have updated TerraClassifieds to version 1.8. You will find a few new features and bug fixes.

All WordPress plugins tested for WordPress 5.4 and PE Recent Post updated with a new feature.
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We have prepared WordPress plugins updates. Except for testing them all for the compatibility with WordPress 5.4, we added one cool feature for PE Recent Posts that makes the mobile view more friendly for your users. Take a tour and check more details about updates.
WordPress hosting
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Searching for Cloud Hosting Services can be a tedious job. There are heaps of hosting options all over the internet that cater to a variety of hosting needs. There is shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS, cloud and Managed Cloud Hosting.

6 reasons why your business needs a blog.
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While almost every brick-and-mortar business runs a website today, not all of them have a blog. Considering that a blog can benefit a site and the brand it represents in a lot of ways, not having one is a missed opportunity.

Happy Valentines Day 2020! Premium WordPress themes 20% OFF.
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It’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air.

We would like to show you our love and we are offering our premium WordPress themes with a 20% discount.

WordPress themes updated. Download the latest versions now.
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We have prepared massive WordPress themes updates. We added several important modifications that were on our "to do" lists of issues or improvements. 

Start your WordPress developer career.
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With over 76 million users, WordPress is definitely the most popular CMS (Content Management System). The advantages of the system make it not only popular but also really demanded among businesses.

Coping with challenges in transfer of EML to Outlook.
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Nowadays, users have a wide array of clients that can handle their e-correspondence. If you attempt to export messages between programs, you are likely to hit a dead-end due to the difference in file extensions. Follow this guide to move EML files to Microsoft Outlook safely. Such a transformation can only be smooth when you are armed with special tools.


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