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Updated on 20.11.2017

theme version 1.11:

  • Updated PE Social icons widget to support WordPress 4.9
  • The theme and the plugin has equal version from now on
  • Added notification related to old plugin version

Updated on 05.10.2017

theme version 1.10:

  • Display Widgets plugin updated to 4.0.0 version
  • Modification related to new LESS compiler (used instead WP-Less plugin)
  • Added attribute rel to WCAG buttons in order to prevent SEO duplicate content issues
  • Fixed Google Maps API URL when key is provided
  • Minor fixes and improvements

plugin version 1.07:

  • Added new LESS compiler instead WP-Less plugin
  • Added true parameter to uniqid functions in some shortcodes to get more uniqe names
  • Fixed PHP warning related to Theme update notification in some cases

Please disable / remove WP-LESS plugin after update!

Updated on 17.08.2017

theme version 1.09:

  • WP search function now includes Custom Post types (members, faqs, services)
  • Fixed the problem with submenu links on Safari iOS (iphone)
  • Google Maps API scripts are now loaded only if needed in order to optimize page load time
  • Microdata code improvements in blog, posts and pages
  • RetinaJS script updated
  • Added possibility to select a program (service) in PE Team Carousel widget
  • Improvements related to WCAG 2.0:
    • CSS transitons/animations removed if High Contrast mode is enabled
    • Added link underline style for content section
    • Added visually hidden post title for readmore links on blog page
    • Fixed Gallery grid and Animated gallery content for non-mouse users
    • Other minor fixes and improvements

plugin version 1.06:

  • Added caption to Pricing table shortcode
  • Google Map shortcode optimizations
  • Modifications in Gallery shortcode related to WCAG 2.0
  • Modifications in Anibox shortcode related to WCAG 2.0

Updated on 23.06.2017

theme version 1.08:

  • Improved PE Social Icons widget

plugin version 1.05:

  • Added update notifications
  • Improved PE Social Icons widget
  • Added Shortcode Generator as an alternative drag and drop tool for placing shortcodes in widgets and posts
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

Updated on 03.03.2017

theme version 1.07:

  • Simple menu improvements related to load time and usability
  • Font size improvement for plugin WP-Accessibility
  • Redux backup fonts correctly declared in CSS stylesheets
  • WCAG high contrast function improvements to prevent issues related to W3 Total Cache
  • Fixed Option-Tree notice on PHP 7.1
  • Font Awesome upated to 4.7.0 version
  • Added Pixelemu news widget in backend
  • Other minor fixes and improvements


Updated on 22.12.2016 - version 1.06


  • Revolution Slider updated to 5.3.1
  • PE Services Plugin updated to 1.04


  • Improved WCAG 2.0 / Section 508 compatibility
  • Added Demo importer plugin


Updated on 10.11.2016 - version 1.05


  • Revolution Slider updated to
  • PE Services Plugin updated
  • PE Recent Posts updated


  • Improved HTML5 semantic
  • Improved SEO compatibility
  • Added reCaptcha field in contact form

modified files:

  • page.php
  • search.php
  • sidebar.php
  • single-member.php
  • single-testimonials.php
  • single.php
  • footer.php
  • tpl/bar.php
  • tpl/bottom.php
  • tpl/content-bottom.php
  • tpl/content-top.php
  • tpl/footer-mod.php
  • tpl/header-mod.php
  • tpl/header-section.php
  • tpl/services-mod.php
  • tpl/top.php
  • tpl/wcag.php
  • page-templates/*
  • inc/redux/options-init.php
  • inc/send-email.php
  • inc/tgmp-plugin/class-tgm-plugin-activation-options.php
  • less/widgets.less
  • less/posts-pages.less
  • less/high-contrast.less
  • less/rtl.less
  • less/layout.less
  • less/responsive.less


Updated on 2016.10.20 - version 1.04


  • Plugins updated in quickstart:
  • MaxMegaMenu
  • PE Easy Slider
  • Redux framework
  • W3 Total Cache
  • Yoast SEO updated
  • PE Services plugin


  • WPML support
  • Revolution slider keyboard accessibility feature
  • Font awesome update to version 4.6.3
  • Added keyboard accessibility in Image Gallery
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Updated on 2016.08.18 - version 1.03


  • Plugins updated in quickstart:
  • MaxMegaMenu updated
  • Revolution Slider updated to 5.2
  • Redux framework updated
  • WP user avatar updated
  • Yoast SEO updated
  • PE Recent Posts updated


  • Fixed Megamenu WCAG script
  • Fixed language function in order to make translations
  • Fixed Blog layout with effect if post has no thumbnail
  • WP user avatar updated
  • Yoast SEO updated
  • PE Recent Posts updated


  • MaxMegaMenu style adjustments
  • Default styles.css loaded in head sections
  • Dynamic LESS function changed to only CSS for better support on different enviroments (you can still use less variables in *.less files also custom.less)


  • Added Google API Key field in theme options

modified files:

  • js/theme.js
  • inc/register-styles-scripts.php
  • inc/redux/options-init.php
  • inc/base-functions.php
  • less/high-contrast.less
  • less/theme.less
  • less/top-menu.less
  • tpl/blog2.php
  • tpl/head-custom-code.php
  • tpl/posts-for-listing.php

Updated on 2016.04.13 - version 1.02


  • Option Tree integration with theme (additional fields in Posts and Pages)
  • More unique function names in PE Services Plugin
  • Images resizing in Blog view in Firefox and Internet Explorer
  • PHP error on Services page in some cases
  • Small improvements in menus for RTL language

Updated on 2016.04.05 - version 1.01


  • small fixes and improvements in the theme code


  • WCAG (Section508) support, options: high contrast modes, font sizer switcher, flexible layout switcher, night mode added at the theme configuration
  • scripts for WCAG support (keyboard navigation) in Simple Menu and Max Mega Menu


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