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Updated on 08.09.2021

version 1.06:

  • Improved compatibility with WordPress 5.8
  • Display Widget replaced with Pixelemu Display Widget - the plugin that is available to download from pixelemu download area and further developed by pixelemu team

Updated on 03.03.2021

version 1.05:

  • JavaScript improvements related to jQuery 3

Updated on 19.11.2019

theme version 1.04:

  • Submenu for a Skip Menu was hidden
  • Changed recommended plugin from 'Display Widgets' to 'AH Display Widgets'
  • Fixed accessibility error 'Text area has no description' for Google Recaptcha
  • Changed reading 'link' parameter for shortcode 'anibox' to parameter 'title'
  • Added focus/hover border for 'anibox' shortcode boxes if 'Focus border' option is enabled
  • Fixed POT files for theme and theme plugin ( missing language strings )
  • Fixed opened off-canvas menu after a click on item menu that is an anchor link for the current page
  • Fixed W3C error for a 'PE Testimonials Carousel' widget
  • Added consent options for a contact form (PE Contact widget and page template "Page Contact" )
  • Added agreed on consents to an email message (PE Contact widget and page template "Page Contact" )
  • Tested compatibility with WordPress 5.3

Updated on 08.11.2018

theme version 1.03:

  • Added WPML support

Updated on 09.10.2018

theme version 1.02:

  • Added possibility to provide title attribute for video shortcode.
  • Added possibility to use external URL as video ID in video shortcode.
  • Fixed author's avatar in single post view
  • Added lazy load method for Google Map shortcode
  • Removed scrolling to the top after clicking on a main menu item with # as href
  • Fixed default value for WCAG Animation in theme options
  • Fixed dark background for a header on smaller devices
  • Fixed height attribute for shortcode anibox when height is auto or none
  • Fixed disabling title on the front page in theme options
  • Added page to post types in search results
  • All HTML tags are now allowed in Custom HTML fields for HEAD and BODY.
  • Added Captcha to PE Contact widget
  • Fixed search query ( query is modified only in search result page archive and not modified in administration panel )
  • Fixed resize buttons when resizing the browser window
  • Fixed background for Rev Slider when Link & SEO enabled
  • Split vertical menu for front page and homepage in theme options
  • Fixed theme's update notification
  • WCAG icons changed from links to buttons
  • Added search in the top bar
  • Updated FontAwesome to version 5.3.1
  • Added on hover animations for PE Best Features widget
  • Added prev/next button to 'pegallery' shortcode with modal option
  • Variables are better escaped in PE Short info widget
  • Fixed PHP warning related to PE Social widget in some cases
  • Fixed adding content for FontAwesome in Shortcodes generator
  • Added Tab navigation for the main menu
  • Offcanvas button changed from link to the button
  • Changed icon for WCAG "Default font" button
  • Added autocomplete attributes for a registration form, PE Contact widget, Contact page ( according to WCAG 2.1 )
  • Added button "Readable text" in WCAG font buttons to add letter-spacing: 0.12em and word-spacing: 0.16em to BODY ( according to WCAG 2.1 )
  • Spacing following paragraphs to at least 2 times the font size ( according to WCAG 2.1 )
  • Added role "status" for notices in PE Contact widget, Contact page ( according to WCAG 2.1 )

Updated on 30.11.2017

theme version 1.01:

  • Fixed bug in Contact Page and PE Contact widget
  • Added switch button to disable animations
  • Added option for using shortcode Map inside Tabs and Accordion shortcodes


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