Updated on 19.06.2019

plugin version 1.5:

  • [fixed] locations not visible on category view once enable on TerraClassifieds settings

Updated on 17.06.2019

plugin version 1.4:

  • [new feature] Added "Ads types" that allows marking an advert with the specific badge as well as using "types" as a filter in a search form
  • [fixed] for adverts created in the backend, a title and description were missing once editing an advert on the frontend
  • [fixed] translation for 'Location' field label was missing
  • [removed] Removed styles responsible for buttons and search form design

Updated on 17.05.2019

plugin version 1.3:

  • Removed custom update notification
  • Fixed calling files locations without hardcoding
  • Stopped calling core loading files directly
  • Fixed sanitizing and escaping data
  • Fixed modal window appearing for an abuse form terms
  • Fixed some notices

Updated on 17.04.2019

plugin version 1.2:

  • Fixed "Reply-to" from the email sent from contact form
  • Added email field "reply-to" for other user notifications in the 'Email templates' section
  • Fixed image container size in the archive view
  • Added new option "None" in Category view for "Show category on the archive page" that allows not showing items (previously at least one item had to be selected)
  • Added dashboard notification after successfull TerraClassifieds plugin installation

Updated on 04.02.2019

plugin version 1.1:

  • Added location feature for adverts
  • New functionality added 'Add to favourites'
  • Merged 'Categories' and 'Category View' in Terraclassifieds Settings
  • Added 'negotiable' text under price in the add advert view
  • Added the setting option for Adding advert view 'The number of columns for subcategories list'
  • Changed a way of opening subcategories in add avert view (on click)
  • Added text 'see all ads by' next to a user name in single ad view
  • Added option to make images upload and lo9cation fields required in the add advert view
  • Font Awesome updated to 5.6.3

Updated on 22.11.2018

plugin version 1.0:

  • Added missing translable strings for terraclassifieds.pot file
  • Added 'Status' tab in TerraClassifieds settings with plugins's version
  • Added 'Documentation' tab in TerraClassifieds settings with useful links

Updated on 07.11.2018

plugin version beta 1.0:

  • Added alert with confirmation before removing advert in My submissions view
  • Fixed searching in 'Terraclassifieds Seach' widget if no category selected
  • Search word and category are visible as selected on the search results page
  • Fixed submenu for 'Terraclassifieds Menu' widget in a single ad view
  • Fixed wrong URL errors for links in Terraclassifieds pages
  • Added options for change text limit and posts per page for a category view
  • FontAwesome updated to version 5.3.1
  • Error messages after login error instead of redirecting to wp-login.php


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