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Updated on 14.03.2016 - version 1.0.3


  • Removed unnecessary Bootstrap CSS


  • Fixed navigation "Bullets" when source: folder is chosen
  • Hide widget heading when title is empty
  • Fixed PHP Notice

Updated on 03.12.2015 - version 1.0.2


  • Better adjusting images to mobile devices - counting set number of images in row and dividing its number in row on small devices. If the set number of images in row is even, images are displayed as follows, for: 991px a 768px - 2 items in row, below 768px - 1 item in row. Otherwise images are decreasing in the row adjusting to the screen resolution but below 768px images are displayed 1 item in row.
  • New option enable/disable loading sticky posts.
  • Added separator for every row - useful when your images have different dimensions.


  • Warning appeared when fields  "Number of items in row" and "Number of rows" were cleared.
  • Double bootstrap scripts loading. The plugin does not load bootstrap scripts if it is already loaded by the theme.
  • Cleared space of grid for last items.

Updated on 22.10.2015 - version 1.0.1


  • Extended possibilities for slides displaying. Now you may create a gallery grid by setting the number of slides per row.


  • Gallery grid view added.
  • Option to display images from specified folder.
  • Option to not display navigation at all.
  • Option to show/hide readmore button.
  • Option to set a space between slides.


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