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Get WCAG 2.0 Website Accessibility with WordPress Themes, Section 508

Services, Public Institutions, and School are multipurpose business accessibility-ready WordPress themes which mean that they meet WCAG 2.0 / Section508 requirements. Creating the site more accessible for people with disabilities is not an easy task. It demands to get familiar with the web content accessibility guidelines that are a collection of documents and includes tons of recommendations to build an accessible site.  

The following features relate to all WordPress themes with WCAG compliance that you may find in PixelEmu's offer:

WCAG 2.0 / Section 508 WordPress themes

What should be the main features of the accessible website?

We do our best to meet all necessary WCAG requirements to make the theme passing WCAG accessibility verification checkers. However, it's not about the theme code only. The website content is a very important issue that has a major impact on the site accessibility overall. That's why while implementing a site content pay attention to the main four principles of availability. 

How to follow WCAG recommendations for making web content more accessible in WordPress theme.

The possibility to navigate the site using the keyboard

The navigating through the site sections without the necessity of using a computer mouse but keyboard instead is the main and the very important feature for people with disabilities.

keyboard navigation in accessible site

Move through the page using tab key

Skipping to the specific site sections using tab key let the user move through the page quickly. At the left top corner, you may set menu items allowing skipping to the specific site area.

skipping with tab

This is how it's set in the menu configuration.

skip menu settings

Visibility of a selected item

At any time the user needs to know on which an active element is located.

visibility of selected item

WCAG 2.0 theme backend options

Font size switcher (3 degrees of font size, which are fixed as a percentage).

Width switcher (fixed/fluid) adjust the width of the screen to fit your needs.

High contrast modes: ensure optimal readability of the text ( Black/White Mode, Black/Yellow Mode, Yellow/Black Mode)

Night mode (optional) - lets you avoid eyestrain. If your eyes get tired quickly, don’t strain them and to use night mode color version.

accessible options front
This is how you may configure the above options at the theme options.

Wordpress theme options wcag 2.0

WCAG built in contrast modes

Black/White Mode

black white contrast mode

Black/Yellow Mode

black yellow contrast mode

Yellow/Black Mode

yellow black contrast mode

Night mode

night mode

Content headings

Content should be organized with headings related to an accurate outline of the content.
It's helpful for people who use screen readers to browse the site.

This is how it looks at the theme options.

Headings and WCAG 2.0

Other important criteria to include in theme coding:

See more theme details

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