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Public web apps have always been of hackers’ interests. The information obtained can be used for different purposes. The owner’s identity is not significant since the hacking process is automated and put on stream. The cost of information is proportional to company popularity and influence.

Everything you want to know about how to keep your WordPress website secure!
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Do you know that WordPress accounted for over 90% of all hacked CMS websites in the year 2018?

Use SSL Certificate
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Digital technology has changed the way everything is done. From shopping to banking and even taking a professional course, you can use the internet for many things. However, it is without a doubt that the same web is a dangerous place, especially if you encounter hackers. For that reason, genuine websites are using SSL certificates to provide safety for their visitors.

Why a VPN is Essential for WordPress Digital Nomads
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Living freely as a WordPress digital nomad is a way to enjoy financial freedom and flexibility each day. When you choose to live your life as a digital nomad, it is important to invest in a VPN that is sure to protect you wherever you travel.

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Our idea was to showcase some celebrity websites powered by WordPress. It is probably the case that most or all of the mentioned celebrities did not choose a platform for their website, but the company did it for them. 

beyonce lawsuit ada
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Beyonce’s website (beyonce.com) is facing legal action over the Americans with Disabilities Act violation claims. The website impedes the users with disabilities the access to available products and services.

Building ADA compliant website with WCAG and ADA WordPress themes.
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ADA compliance is starting a huge issue in the USA and we keep getting more or less advanced questions about WCAG and ADA WordPress themes but in this article, I want to present a set of questions asked by customers who are really confused about all the WCAG rule for building an accessible website for people with disabilities. 

The online logo design phenomenon that is taking over the web
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If you haven’t heard of it yet, then it’s about time you find out what online logo design is all about. More and more sites offering online logo design services are popping up on the web. Big names like Wix, Godaddy, Shopify want a piece of the action.

Best blogs WordPress related.
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If you don’t already know the WordPress is a very popular and easy to manage content management system. You can quickly learn how to work in the admin area, how to submit content etc. But of course, as most probably guess it’s not everything.

Best WordPress help websites. Tutorials and support for beginners and advanced. Online guides, video tutorials, and PDFs.
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No matter if you are the advanced WordPress user or you just start playing with it. Once you're working with WordPress do not miss the collection of WordPress help resources like online tutorials, video guides, and PDFs to download.

Improving UX with the right front-end. Costs and benefits of great user experience.
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Good user experience (UX) is no longer a concern for just the tiny handful of cutting-edge design agencies, but a practical area of focus for all tech users. This post will show you how to hire a web developer that brings out the best website design.

WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg is coming. What you need to know?
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New WordPress 5 is coming soon. There are a lot of changes that are coming up with the upgrade of WordPress 5.0. Before you click the update button, it's a good idea to verify that your WordPress will survive the upcoming update and that everything will be working correctly.

Best WordPress Facebook groups
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We've listed 9 different Facebook groups related to WordPress and share our observations about them. Each WordPress Facebook group has its own rules and accept posts about specific topics. Most of them are very friendly for members while other ones not. Check out our findings below, if you want to share other WordPress Facebook groups you joined, just leave a comment on the article.

6 WordPress plugins to increase sharing of your articles.
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Are you trying to keep up with the dynamic blogging industry? What strategies are you using on your WordPress site to make it easier for the audience to share your articles? Relevant content can drive traffic to your blog, but there are a few plugins that can offer tremendous support as far as the exposure of your content on social media is concerned. They will help you to connect with new internet users and build up a loyal list of followers.

11 best books about WordPress development
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WordPress is very easy to use, as its interface is intuitive even for newcomers. However, in practice, people that do not deal with information technology on a regular basis face some problems. These problems most frequently relate to the lack of theoretical knowledge and practical experience with WordPress.


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